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Armored 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback 1200 HP, 222 MPH top speed, 10.2 1/4 mile, 0-60 in 3.2 sec.
Priced from $1,500,000.00USD with a Lifetime Guarantee on loss of life* and a lifetime warranty on the engine*. Comes loaded with all the options you may desire.

Tech Tip:
Top speed is physically limited in one of two ways, either by being geared relatively low or by aerodynamic drag. How quickly a vehicle accelerates from 0-60 MPH or its speed through the 1/4 mile is primarily affected by the vehicle's Power to Weight Ratio.
Use the horsepower calculator to find out how much power a car would require at a given speed.
Use the Gear Ratio Speed Calculator to determine theoretical speed for a car in each of its gear ratios.
Use the Drag Performance Calculator to determine theoretical 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile drag strip performance.
Use the 0-60 MPH Time Calculator to determine theoretical 0-60 MPH time of a car with a given horsepower and weight.

1) General Protection Armor Level: - NIJ level 3 USA
Vehicle interior, (floor body sides, dash, roof and rear bulkhead) is armored with ballistic steel, and has the capability to resist intrusion by AK 47, 7.62x51 mm ordinance. The transparent armor (windshield, side glass, and interior bulkhead glass) has the capability to resist intrusion by AK 47, 7.62x51 mm ordinance. All body openings (doors, side glass, windshield) have over lapping armor steel protection to prevent angled entry of firearm ordinance. A, B, & C pillars are reinforced with ballistic steel and door hinges are attached through the OEM structure to the armor. A bulkhead with door, lock, and transparent armor is installed in the D pillar area.

2) Features:
Front door armored glass operates up and down with OEM type power window switch. The standard power window motor is a linear actuator to handle the additional weight of the transparent armor. All interior cabin vehicle electronics are protected by ballistic steel floor. A second floor covers the electronics for passenger comfort and ingress/egress conditions. Interior appears as OEM factory stock condition or will build to suite. Suspension and brakes are upgraded to handle the additional weight of the vehicle. The Factory OEM wheels are replaced with special high forged alloy wheels, and run flat inserts installed.

3) Suspension Upgrade:
The front Factory suspension is removed, and replaced with new struts, and specially designed heavy duty coil springs. The rear Factory suspension is removed and replaced with new coil springs. The OEM rear shocks are replaced by adjustable coil over shocks, and springs. The suspension upgrade handles the additional weight of the vehicle, increases the performance, and eliminates the vulnerability of the factory suspension to hostile environments.

4) Brake Upgrade:
The front OEM rotors are replaced with larger rotors. The OEM calipers are replaced with extra large 8 piston calipers, brake pads, and stainless steel brake lines. The rear OEM Brakes are replaced with 14.0" diameter dimpled rotors, 4 piston calipers, brake pads, and stainless steel brake lines.

5) Fuel Tank:
The fuel tank is enclosed with ballistic steel.

6) Tires and Wheel Upgrade:
The OEM Factory wheels are replaced with special High Forged 2 piece alloy wheels. These have 3 times the strength of the stock factory or aftermarket wheels. Factory tires are replace with increased load rated tires, and run flat inserts are installed on the wheels.

7) Factory OEM Parts Removed:
OEM suspension and shocks.
OEM brakes, rotors, and calipers.
OEM tires and wheels.
OEM drive-train components.

8) Parts Added:
Complete 1200 HP drive-train and related components
2 - front rotors and 8 piston calipers, caliper brackets, and stainless steel lines
2 - rear rotors and 4 piston calipers - P.N. caliper brackets, and stainless steel lines
4 - High forged 2 piece alloy wheels
4 - Continental 285/ 35R x 20 tires
4 - Run flat Tire Inserts 20.0" x 9.0
2 - Front coil Springs
2 - Adjustable Shock absorbers
2 - Sleeve kits
2 - Coil Springs
2 - Shock Absorbers, front
2 - Rubber Buffer
2 - Mutter
2 - Spring Retainer
2 - Shock Absorbers, rear
2 - Case Spring
2 - Rear Springs
2 - Shim
1 - Curved 1 piece windshield glass
1 - L.H. door glass
1 - RH. door glass
1 - Backlite glass
Full body armor kit to NIJ level 3 USA
Special Carbon fiber roll cage




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